Our Staff

The Company is led by the Managing Director, Ir Dr Gabriel C K Lam, who has worked with the ever growing local environmental legislation and has successfully pioneered/managed a number of environmental and engineering initiatives in Hong Kong.  These initiatives include major developments of power plant flue gas desulphurization (FGD) and low NOx combustion system, novel monitoring systems and noise abatement of high voltage electrical substations.  Ir Dr. Lam has thirty years of experiences in various areas of large scale engineering and environmental work and has direct hands-on experiences in managing the environmental affairs of a large utility company with a proven record of achieving cost-effective environmentally acceptable solution.

Our staffs are experienced in the following:

bullet point
environmental management and training
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pollution control and prevention
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project management and computational fluid dynamics
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power generation, transmission and distribution works
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renewable energy, carbon and energy audits


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