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From 1998 to 2007, Hong Kong Government devoted more than HK$84 billions to environmental protection work, there were also:

averaged about 3 convictions per day filed for environmental-related offenses.
averaged about HK$30,569 per day was fined for violating various environmental ordinances.
averaged about 73 complaints per day were received about various potential pollution violations.

Furthermore, between 1991 – 1995,

$942 million could have been saved by the Government if construction waste was properly handled, according to Government Audit Department.

The moral of the story learning from the past: if done right, environmental protection not only will prevent you from pollution offenses, it will even save you money which otherwise would have been wasted.  Energy and carbon management will help to protect the environment while saving in operation expenses.

If you wish to start your environmental protection and energy management program but don't know where to begin, Nature & Technologies (HK) Limited can help you. We provide not just recommendations, but full complete solutions.


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