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Nature & Technologies (HK) Ltd. [“N&T”] is an environmental engineering company committed to, as well as helping others, to play a key role in the relationship between nature and technology that will bring forth a pleasant living environment and quality to life.  It was founded and owned by a Hong Kong power industry environmental engineering pioneer Ir Dr Gabriel C K Lam and was incorporated on 11 April 1997.

N&T owns 50% of EN Technology Co., Ltd. – a company specializes in the use of enzyme technology for wastewater treatment, soil decontamination and odour control.

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In order to fulfill its mission and commitments to the clients, it is the policy of N&T. to establish and maintain an efficient and effective quality system based on international quality standard ISO 9001.

Nature & Technologies (HK) Limited
Lot 12, Tam Kon Shan Road, North Tsing Yi, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2877 3122

Fax: +852 2511 0922

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